Works in Progress

I love writing contemporary western romance. To write a series is even better. It’s so much fun to give the characters from one book, their own story.


ranch gate3superstition-mountain.jpg

Superstition Mountain. The backdrop for the Double Dutch Ranch Series.


  • Book #4: In this fifth book in the series, a new love blooms at the Double Dutch. You know ranch hands fall in love too. <3

ranch hand 2

Where will the series go from here? Any suggestions? I’d love to see more love bloom at the ranch. Is there a character you’d like to see get their own book? Contact me.


 A new Christmas romance to be published late 2016. Details coming soon.



   The third book in the Bull Rider Series.

Christmas with Velia, Caulder, and their families in 2016. Including a Carlson cousin or two from the Double Dutch Ranch.

Velia Caulder Christmas will return3



Romantic Fiction Outside of the Western Genre

Future Release

Romantic fiction novel I began a while ago before I started writing western romance. Takes place in Northern California. Tagline: Will it take a new life to find true love? Contemporary Romance.



Visions of Enchantment and Enchantment’s Embrace, a romantic time-travel series, is now out of print. I’ve considered bringing the books back to life, but at this time it’s doubtful. This project is on the back burner until I make the decision.

Thank you for stopping by to check this page.

4 thoughts on “Works in Progress”

  1. I am sharing for you and just found you on facebook. I want to write books.


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