It’s still cold here in Michigan.  March is coming in a few days.  I don’t trust March.  It’s like an unruly kid who does whatever it wants, whenever.  There’s no pattern to March.  Here, we can have any kind of weather, from the 50’s one day to an ice storm in the afternoon, to a  snow storm by midnight.  We can have almost every season in one day in March.

Today it’s about five degrees, but by the weekend it can be 30 degrees.  It’s not March yet, but it’s slowly giving us it’s warning.  None of this has absolutely nothing to do with my writing!  It’s rambling today.  Rambling because I’m sick of cold weather, and tired of driving on snowy, slippery roads every day.  I have to leave extra early, and that cuts back on my writing/research/email/blogging time.  I try to squeeze in at least 15 minutes in the morning before I go to work to do something constructive, whether it be write a quick note in my blog, or prepare plans for my creative writing class.  So, when it’s bad weather, it takes that time away from me.  Since I work at school my summers are free, so maybe I shouldn’t complain because I get to make it all up then.  It’s just that the winter in February/March gets tiring; we’re had enough of it! 

Okay, now that I’ve rambled for the morning, I’ll just remind you to scroll down and read my interview with C.J!  Better yet, well, not really a ‘better yet’ but go on over to my newsletter and see the other things it has.  I’m going to put out another newsletter in March, because the February newsletter was a special Valentine edition. 

 Well, I’m off to battle the snowy slippery roads of Michigan.  Talk to you all later!  Have a wonderful day, too, by the way.