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Spring arrived on March 20th.  March 21st we had 14 inches of snow.  Everything was green again for a few short days.  The roads were full of pot holes, thanks to the salt we all want in the winter.  But, the sky was turning a pretty cornflower blue, telling us spring was here.  Yes, we saw this for a day.  Then… the news said there was a threat of 6 – 10 inches of new snow.  Sure, I knew March was unpredictable, I even said it to a few of my friends…don’t trust March.  I looked out my classroom window Friday morning and thought I saw fog, but it wasn’t fog!  It was snow.  By 2:45, it was nearly eight inches.  And that was just the top of my car.  It even had a shelf of snow from the drift, leaning out over the side of my car.  After cleaning that off, I had the fun of driving home.  My usual 55 mph drive was down to 35 and maybe an occasional 40 mph.  As I got closer to home, it was more like 30 miles per hour.  Oh, what joy that was because by then it was fully drifting over the roads, and deep.  Finally, nearly home, at least I was hoping it was my home since we were then having a whiteout, it was hard to tell for sure.  But, I learned it was my street, but now, where was the driveway? I wondered.  I finally found that too.  Anyway, I made it home safely, but I think it was the worst drive I had all winter.  All this happened the second day of spring.  It’s still pretty outside, though, with the boughs of the pine trees covered with thick bunches of white clumps.  The driveway is mud today, the street is cleared after 5 trips with the snow plow, and it even looks like some melted off my truck in the driveway.  At least it’s down from 14 inches to about 8 on the roof and hood.  I guess the moral of this all is that it’s spring in Michigan!  And don’t trust March.