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You heard about the earthquake this morning…  Well, I felt it here in west Michigan, near Kalamazoo.  There I was, sitting enjoying my first cup of coffee, kind of stretched out on the couch.  Then the couch started moving like it was floating on waves.  At first I thought it was my body shaking, which scared me in itself!  I sat up immediately, but it didn’t stop shaking.  Then my first thought was an earthquake, of course.  We don’t usually have earthquakes here, but on occasion we’ll feel a tremor or two, but not often.  I tried to see if my ceiling fan was moving, but it was too dark in my room.  Well, after what seemed longer than 34 seconds, it just stopped as suddenly as it started. 

A short time later my husband got up and I told him he was going to think I was crazy, but the couch just moved and shook.  He said, “So did the bed!”  We turned on the news, and sure enough, there it was– 5.4 on the Richter Scale.  Later in the day they changed it to 5.2.  It was kind of interesting to say the least, but not something I want to see a lot of.  Some years ago my son moved to California, and I worried about earthquakes, and him being in one.  He’s in northern California and has a tremor now and then, but he’s always been away when it’s happened.  Today he told me that I’ve felt an earthquake stronger than him, and he’s out there where it happens a lot!  All in all, I didn’t hear of any damage here, but I know it even went more north of where I live, and then west from me.