It was Thanksgiving.  People say it’s the busiest time of year for airports.  I traveled through airports at that time. It’s true. Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, and finally Chico. My connections were late in San Francisco, both coming and going.

On the way home, the flight in San Francisco was delayed for three hours. They told us we had to wait for another plane due to an issue with the original plane.

Eventually, another plane came. It was the largest jet I ever traveled on, and with good reason… The plane was a chartered plane for the San Francisco 49er’s. They had just flown back home from an away game. Before take-off, the flight attendants told us our original plane had a broken windshield–the reason for the switch. I agree that was a good reason for a delay.

My main reason for going to California was to visit with my oldest son.  While there we went to Mt. Shasta, both the mountain and the city.  We also visited Burney Falls and Shasta Dam.  In the distance during both trips we always had Mt. Lassen in view.  Mt. Lassen is part of a national park, and a volcano that erupted over 100 hears ago.  We had Mt. Lassen on a previous visit. It’s very beautiful.