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The other day I had an enjoyable lunch with six friends.  It was to celebrate a retirement.  Before we knew it three hours had passed.  We sat on the deck at a beautiful golf course in the sunshine with a wonderful breeze.   Both ends of the table had different conversations going on, and it was hard to listen to everything, but fun to hear a little of this and a little of that.  Finally, the retiree began talking about some very special moments she had during her years of working.  They were all pleasant stories, and it was easy to see the pleasure she got from her memories.

After telling one particular story, she asked us a question. “If you could live your favorite day all over again, what would it be?”  It made me stop and think about that question.  At first, I couldn’t answer, for there were many things I could think of, but not just one special thing.  Actually, only one other person could think of something right away.  Their stories were wonderful, and it made me want to think of some happy memory like that.  When she told the one special moment in her life, I almost cried, for she described it through the eyes of a 32 year old woman as if it happened yesterday.  It was a very happy memory in her thirty-second year of life.

Days later I still tried to think of a special day I’d want to live all over again.  It’d have to involve my two boys because they are my whole world.  But, how could I choose just one day out of all of them?  I couldn’t, so I stopped trying to pick out one favorite memory with my sons.  There were too many.  My wedding?  I’ve had two of them.  Life when I was a child?  No, childhood was sad, not happy.  If she had asked what sad day stands out in life, I probably could answer that.  It was narrowed down now to either my grandmother, or my first love.   My grandmother was my favorite person as a child, and she tried to protect and spoil me like most grandmothers do.  It usually involved chocolate!  But no, there wasn’t only one special day.

I asked this question to one of my writer forums.  There were some happy memories there and wonderful days to live over.  I went over a lot of memories in my own life, and one finally stuck out from the rest.  It was a time when I was nineteen years old.   Maybe we’d all love to live a day over from our eighteenth or nineteenth year of life.  After all, we had the world by the tail, and there was nothing we couldn’t do.  Or not, right?  But I did choose that year of my life, and one special day to live over if I could.  It doesn’t involve my boys or weddings.  It doesn’t even involve my grandmother.  It is just me and the person in my memory, a thunderstorm, and an airport.  It reminds me of a Hallmark Channel movie. Even thinking of that memory evokes a warm feeling that spreads all over my body.

It’s been so long since that day, and if it still spreads warmth all over me, then it has to be special, right?   It involves love.  I think that’s all I want to say about it at this time.  It’s only natural that I write romance it seems, because love has always been important to me.  I see “love” now when I remember this special day.  It was love then, and if I let myself think about it this day, it still somehow takes me back to many other memories of love.

May I ask you?  If you could live one special day over, what day would you choose?  It’s not so easy to come up with something so quick, is it? Take your time, remember…  Bring up your best memories.  Reminisce about the best times you’ve had in your life.  In this day and age, there can be a lot of sadness with stress and worry.  Why not take a few minutes, or as long as it takes, to give yourself a pleasant memory to live over…if you could.

Feel free to tell me in a comment.

I’m anxious to hear if it was easy for you to decide.

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