This comes from my NaBloPoMo.  

I’ve been tired for three days straight. Sleep doesn’t come easy for me. I don’t take anything to help me sleep. There was a time I took Tylenol P.M, but it only worked in the beginning, and after awhile it didn’t help anymore. Sometimes I’ll be so tired, that I want to put my head down and sleep for the night. But, if I do that, something happens when my head hits the pillow. My body becomes awake, and my mind wants to work overtime. There has been times that I’ve written poetry or scenes to one of my stories while I lay there begging for sleep. Oh, I wish I could sleep for one full night!
One of those nights I found myself still awake at 4:00 A.M. I was very tired, but couldn’t fall asleep. I finally gave up, turned the light one, and grabbed my notebook and a pen. Following is the poem that I wrote that night.
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Calling Sleep

In the wee hours of the night
when the stars are shining brite
It’s then I dream before daybreak
The kind that comes when you’re awake.

Four walls surround my lonely room
in the window shines the moon
Memories encompass the state of my being
Oh, dark sky! Can morning you bring?

I think of things from days long past
All thoughts escaping, free at last.
Sleep stays locked in another place
Held captive somewhere within the frills and lace.

It’s trying to escape from its nightly cell
Trying to find me, I hear it’s yell.
To find me and bring release from awakeness
To take me to a place of love and caresses.

Sleep come find me, here I wait
Can’t you see it’s 4:08?
Rest upon me as I lie
Blanket me with your lullaby.

The outside sky is turning gray
It’s the beginning of a new day.
Just a few hours is all I ask
Is it such a burdensome task?

Just a few hours of restful sleep
So tomorrow’s reward I’ll be able to reap.
To give myself to the world that awaits
Please give me rest from this long nights fate!

© by Mary J. Dressel 2009