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The Ten Worst Things That Could Happen On Your Way to Work


1.         You have to drive on twisty, curvy roads and the fog is so thick you can’t see past the front of your car.

 2         A deer runs out in front of you.

3.         You hit the deer, but it gets up and runs off, unhurt.

4.         A dog runs out in front of you after that.

5.         You skidded out of the way to miss the dog and hit a parked car.

6.         You sit and cry because you’re so happy the deer and dog are okay.

7.         Your car quits running at a stop sign.

8.         A mile from work, you realize you forgot to put on your pants/skirt under your coat.

9.         You drove past the coffee shop while you noticed you didn’t have all your clothes on.

10.       You forgot to put your teeth in.