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No Internet!  ACKKKKKK!  It was horrible not being able to get online.  I was typing into Word because I had to be at my keyboard doing something!  It’s so boring here without it.  Yesterday, I didn’t know I would get up today and be without an internet connection.  I woke up, had coffee, and then reached for my laptop.  All I really wanted to do was write in my journal.  Then I noticed there was no internet connection.  No big deal at the moment because I wasn’t doing anything online. 

All I wanted to do was writing, but I couldn’t remember the password to my journal.  I don’t usually keep passwords, but on this one I do, and I hadn’t checked into it for a few weeks.  It took forever for me to remember it.  This, I found, is caused from stress.  It affects how you think.  It steals your memory.

I’m okay without being on the Internet as long as I can write.  But, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m addicted to my laptop, and sometimes the Internet.   I think because the TV is always on to something I don’t want to watch.  I don’t mind watching the news, I like to stay informed, but when they repeat the same thing over and over, it gets to you.  Know what I mean?  And a person can only watch so many Judge Judy’s! 

Not long after I started writing this blog that day, I had to make the call to the Internet provider. I have an experimental WiFi service and I guess it’s cheap enough not to complain.  When it works, it’s great!  And it does work most of the time.  When I called them, it only took a short time for them to check the radio box on the telephone pole down the street, and then they detected my nanostation.  Is that all confusing?  Its okay, if you don’t have WiFi, I guess you don’t have to worry about it.  After they told me they saw my computer on a radio at another pole, I told them the first pole was the closest to my house.  They said it wasn’t.  I live here; I should know which pole I’m closer to.  Anyway, they fixed me up and I was happy! 

I discovered that even though I can write without being on the Internet, I can’t write without doing research sometimes.  Therefore, a writer needs the Internet to work, all the time.  I can choose to use it if I want, or I can choose to not click on Internet Explorer.  I admit, when I do make that click, and I see my homepage load, it’s not hard to get distracted.  There are too many things to choose to do.  I’m an adult; I should be able to discipline myself to write or to play.  This was one of those times.  I wrote this whole blog post without clicking on IE.  I noticed one problem, though.  I use Outlook for my email, and I did have to stop and read my email during this writing.  I’m disciplined, but I’m also tempted by my cyber-world. 

Till next time….