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504513spqd3y13nq The first thing I do when I wake up is smell for the coffee.  I love coffee and I admit I’m a coffee addict.  I stumble to the kitchen, pour the coffee into my sixteen ounce cup, spoon a little Coffee Mate into it, stir, add more, stir, and when it gets the right color I’m good.  Then I will get an ice cube out of the freezer. At night when I get the pot ready, I make it extra strong so I can add that ice cube to cool it off.  See, I don’t want to wait, and really another reason is because I don’t have time to wait.  It’s already 5:00 AM so I don’t want to get up earlier so my coffee has time to cool. 

Ah, so ready to drink now!  Carrying it in, I set in on the table, cuddle back against my pillows, pull my quilt back up (the 691461r1ao4k0oi0bed is still warm) and reach for my cup.  Since it is a sixteen ounce mug, I need to be careful not to spill it.  Coffee in hand, I sit back and relax for 30 minutes with my radio turned down low and telling me the news.  One sip, two sips, and a third.  Okay, that’s that, it tastes wonderful!  Head back against the pillows again, eyes closed. Other than it being so  early, I love the quiet.  I savor the quiet while I savor the hot, black brew.  This is the time my mind can wander.  Sometimes it’s good thoughts, sometimes it’s prayers, sometimes it’s excitement, and many  times I create.  This is also the time my muse comes out if it feels like it.  As a matter of fact, this little blog post right here was thought up as I was lying there waiting for my coffee to get done this morning.  I don’t set the timer on the weekend because I don’t want to get up early!  No, please don’t make me…. 

More sips, more resting with my eyes closed, and more thoughts.  I can come up with answers to questions this early in  the morning at times.  If not, then I pray for guidance.  About fifteen minutes later I can feel my eyes start to wake up.  Ah, yes, the coffee did its magic again!  My body and mind are starting to want to face the world again.  Well, sort of depending on what the day holds, and how much sleep I had the night before.  Finally, I savor that very last drop, and even check in my cup to make sure I got it all.  I have close to five whole minutes left sometimes. 

Stretching, sitting up, putting my feet on the floor, yes, it’s time to start my early morning routine of getting ready for work.  During the week, I’m all business in the morning, after I savored that first cup.  That’s my priority!    After I’m awake I feel like I’m ready to face my responsibilities.  Yes, the cup of coffee did the job this morning like it will every morning, until I get that word saying I have to cut out caffeine.  I hope not! 

Once, I had to have a stress test, and that meant no caffeine for 24 hours straight!  I didn’t think it would be that hard.  1375896xt2bhk5uo6It was awful, horrible, and it felt life-threatening!  A little exaggeration there…sorry.  But, when I woke up that morning I had the worse headache I had ever had in my life!  I didn’t know how I would be able to go through with the test.  Of course, I didn’t know that I was suffering from a caffeine headache.  When I got there and reported that I had an excruciating headache, they told me why.  I went through the test, all was well, and afterward I ran home and made coffee.  The first few sips were wonderful!  And, within a short time my headache went away.  So, that was proof to me that yes, I am indeed addicted to caffeine, and until further notice, I will still wake up every morning and savor that first cup of coffee!

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