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This happened a few years ago. While looking for another post, I came across this. I might as well reblog it, right? I have since moved away from this area.


I’m willing to bet you can’t find a park today that’s not crowded with hot sweaty people, noisy kids, dogs barking, a Frisbee flying, and hot dogs grilling.  Well, I have a news flash. I’m in a beautiful park right now, quiet, serene, and no sounds but nature, or an occasional vehicle driving by.  Birds of different varieties are 100_2663singing their whimsical tunes; the tin roof above me is creaking, compressing with the sun beating down on it. It’s making a ticking sound, and I’ve had to turn around to see if someone was there. Tree tops are the only place you’ll see a leaf rustle. There’s barely a breeze, the flag is still.  I squint to take in the sight of the true cerulean blue sky with only a puff of white here and there, in that, of perfect cumulus clouds.

The temperature is 91 degrees F. It must be too hot for even a mosquito, thank goodness!  Not that many flies buzzed around as I enjoyed my Black Forest Ham sandwich from Subway.  Looking in front of me there is a run-off from the stream down a little ways, and it sits stagnant with nowhere to go.  It looks like the perfect place for snakes to be skimming the surface or creeping through the grass, but luckily I ha100_2664ven’t seen any.  I don’t like snakes so this is a good thing.

My reason for being here today is to finish writing the ending to a book I’m writing.  Looking at this beauty I had to take a minute to enjoy the green of the trees, the quiet of the day, and wonder if I want to go for a walk in the miles of trails before  me.  Down the path a little ways is a covered bridge over the small stream I mentioned earlier.  The water is running fast, splashing against the rocks in its way.

100_2795One other vehicle sits in the parking lot, but I see no other human in sight. I don’t hear voices in the woods. I’m expecting to see a deer make its appearance, or at least a squirrel.  Are they sleeping in the shade beneath a bushy pine tree or nestled in amongst the cool leaves high in the trees?  Suddenly, a loud bird whistle breaks the restrained silence, calling its mate and getting an answer.  100_2791The whistle isn’t familiar, but much louder than the others.

It must be time to write that ending now, but my hands are sweating in this heat.  I don’t think I will ever get enough of what nature has to offer here, but I won’t get that book finished if I continue to immerse myself in this peace and quiet.  Until I have my next quiet summer moment, I’ll be home in the air conditioner writing the end!  Just in time I see, for the lawn men are here to cut the grass!

Try to find your piece of serenity today.