Living without the internet is almost an impossibility for a writer. I use the internet as a tool instead of a play thing, most of the time.

Desktop chaos (11/2009)

Sometimes I think I wouldn’t be able to live without the internet. I had to find out when the power went out after a storm. I’m a writer so I can still write without the internet. I choose not to live without it though. When I write I am online constantly so I can do research with one click. When I lost power that time, I realized how much I did depend on online activities.

Also, the internet is my door to publishers, agents, and my own website and blogs. I use it for promotion and marketing as well as communicating with family and friends. Sometimes for a break I’ll use it for watching TV shows. I could live without a TV easier than I could live without the internet. So, even though I think I couldn’t live without the internet, I choose to live with it.