When there is a power outage you don’t have to sit around and complain. Find something to enjoy during a peaceful, quiet time.Two things are available to me in a power outage. To occupy my time I brainstorm or write. All I need is a notebook and a pen. Once, I wrote a whole article in the dark. Think about it. It’s quiet and there are no distractions. The TV can’t come on. Facebook is unavailable! There is no Tweeting. I could use my laptop with battery power, but if the power is out a long time I wouldn’t be able to charge the battery. So, I have to revert back to the old fashioned notebook and pen. Did I mention my first two books were written in notebooks? The first book took up eleven notebooks. The second was almost the same.

There is food to eat because you end up cooking things you don’t want to lose. Water is available if you don’t have an electric pump, but then I guess you use bottled water. The negative part is the heat. When you’re used to living in air conditioning, it’s harder to get used to the heat.

It’s true I can’t write during the whole power outage. Even writers need a break. Then I try to brainstorm about a current project or something new. Of course, if the thunderstorm is terrible it’s time to concentrate on that and see how bad it is, and if your household is in danger. Think logically first, and be safe, but if the only thing that happens is a power outage, pick your priorities and get busy. If nighttime comes and the power isn’t on yet, light candles and enjoy the quiet and glow. Open the windows and listen to nature. (after the storm) The power will be back on soon. Life will be back to normal with TV, Facebook, Twitter, etc, etc….

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