It’s been a month now since I moved. I’m getting more settled. Life is different. I’m just me now and there are both good and bad points to it. I was recently sick. Being sick and alone is not a good thing. Sure, people do it every day, but it’s new to me. Closest family is two hours away. Next closest is three thousand miles. Darn kids moving so far away from home. Home? That word sounds foreign now. I have a place to live, a nice place I’m renting from a former co-worker, but as far as home goes I can’t feel like its home although it is sufficient, safe, and friendly. A life saver.

So, why am I alone now you might ask? I separated from my husband. Life was not good there anymore for either of us. Leaving was the best choice for both.  I came to the realization that it’s easier to live alone, when you’re alone, then it is when you live alone with another person. It was time to make changes. It’s still difficult to think about, and some moments of loss creep up on me now and then, but for his sanity and mine, it was best to do this.

In November I did NaNoWriMo and won. I did it because I needed to be distracted my first month. It worked most of the time, but there were some tough moments. Nano got me back into my passion which is writing. You don’t write 50,000 words in less than 30 days without it being a passion, I don’t think. Now I have a whole new novel started. Nano says that December is for editing and revising. At least I’ll have a distraction for another month.

This afternoon I Christmas-up’d one of my rooms; my sitting room that I hardly ever use. I tend to stay in my sleeping room most of my time here. It’s cozy in this room. It’s the room I’m most settled in. What comes next in my life is still in limbo. But, for now I’m settled into a new life with me, myself, and I.

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