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Wednesday, December 29th 2010. Three days from now it will be a new year. Where did 2010 go? Can you think of a special moment in 2010? Something you will never forget? I hope it isn’t something sad. If it is, I’m sorry for causing you to think of sadness. Sometimes it seems like a year flies by and other times it feels like it was the longest year ever. Has your year gone by quickly, or has it dragged on forever?

I have mixed emotions about this past year. Big changes happened in my two-thousand ten.  For one, my job changed. I’m in the same job but the job description is different. I like it much better. My stress level changed for the worse in the past 52 weeks. There were times I thought I would crack. The previous change brought on another change. I moved away from the stress related factors. Life is better now. Some parts of it anyway.

A lot of other changes went on, both good and bad. Did I reach any of my goals for this year? Since I didn’t make a list of them, I have no way of knowing. I did write two more books. I didn’t finish the one I wanted to finish though. Seems there are pros and cons for most of my year. Maybe that’s normal for everyone; after all it’s 365 days, we’re bound to have pros and cons. Did you reach any of your goals or resolutions?

I’ll be back in 2011 to talk about goals and resolutions. But, for now it’s still this year. Honestly, with those mixed emotions I have one thing to say to you, year 2010– We’ll never meet again . . .

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