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It’s Friday, the end of the work week. Not only that, but for me it’s the last Friday of this school year. One and a half more days to go. It gets crazy this time of year in a school. Teachers are trying to finish all the last minute details, grade exams, pack away personal items, take down bulletin boards, locker clean out, keep the kids sane, prevent food fights. The list goes on, but I’ll spare you.

The kids don’t know what to do. They’re excited, tired, stressed, and ready to sleep in or go to the beach. Getting out of there is the only thing on their mind. (some of them) At my school there are two more exams on Monday, and Tuesday can be used for other assignments.

The kids don’t realize we want out of there too. We are tired of rising early and heading in to work, but we do it because we want to educate the young people who will be tomorrows leaders. We love what we do, but we need a summer break as well. It’s not time to celebrate yet. Tuesday, is a half day, then we’ll
celebrate. At my school– all the staff members stand at the bus stop behind the school, and wave good-bye to each bus load of kids as they leave school grounds. The drivers honk horns, the kids wave and holler out the windows, and the teachers wave and yell good-bye and everyone laughs and has a blast. Finally, we take a deep breath and prepare for our own summer break.