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My first Thursday 13 for 2012.   Happy New Year!

1. Not going to back down on what I want. I am Woman, Hear me Roar…

2. Not going to let myself get out of shape. (Once I get back into shape, of course.)

3. Not going to let my body become lazy. (The treadmill has been seeing nothing but dust.)

4. Not going into self-pity parties. Nope, not gonna do it. Laugh, laugh–

5. Not going to neglect my friends. Hi FRIENDS—you’re all special to me.

6. Not going to neglect my family. I lived too far from my family for seven years and I’ll never do it again. I love you, family.

7. Not going to let half done manuscripts sit in my computer. I repeat- I’m not going to let half done manuscripts sit in my computer.

8. Not going to get comfortable until a manuscript is finished.

9. Not going to give up on Visions of Enchantment now that I have my publishing rights back.

10. Not giving up on getting the rights back to Enchantment’s Embrace.

11. Not going to keep putting off publishing to Kindle.

12. Not going to settle with my own editing skills. Get real! We all need an editor in our life.

13. Not going to eat a lot of junk food. Notice I said a lot. I can’t deprive myself or I’ll feel cheated. This does not include chocolate!

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