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Someone very close to me works for a major communications company. He does tech support so his job is to help people who call with problems. You have no idea what he goes through sometimes. There are good days and there are bad days. The bad days, unfortunately, stand out and ruin his whole day. I see no reason for someone calling for help and think they have to take it out on whomever answers the phone. He has no control over your account, but he CAN fix your problem. All you have to do is stop yelling and stop calling him a Mother Fuc### He has a very gentle soul and he is good at his job. When someone has a tech issue, they aren’t going to get it fixed by calling him every other name in the book, yelling at the top of their lungs, threatening his job, and even his life. People, please treat these tech support or customer service representatives like they’re human beings. If you saw them on the street, face to face you wouldn’t call them the horrible names they get called. Trust me, you can get your issue fixed a lot faster by being nice and LISTENING and FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS. If it can’t be dealt with he will send you to someone who can help with what you need. I’m sorry for dwelling on the negative side of his job, but these days they outweigh the positive days. Later one day after having three awful, rude, threatening calls, and not even the same person, he learned from his employer they are now allowed to tell the person on the phone if they don’t stop their belligerence they will disconnect the call, and if it doesn’t stop, they can hang up. Remember, these people are there to help you get your problem fixed. And, they’re human beings with a life outside of your phone call. This is my five minute brain dump for today, and keep in mind no matter how old your kids are, the MOTHER BEAR will always come out. Grrr . . .



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