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102_3506I feel liberated! I bought a brand new car. I haven’t had a new car in almost 17 years to the day. Seventeen years ago I bought a Dodge Ram pick-up truck brand new and I drove it until last week when I knew it was time to put her into retirement. She? Yes, my Ram is named Lady in Red. When I moved here a few months ago, I had to come over 100 miles, the back way. It took four hours, my nephew navigating the map, and my cousin following behind to be sure I was safe. My son drove the moving truck down the highway and made it in two hours. But, my little trip with my nephew and cousin made a memory.

I knew it was time for something new when I prayed to get back to my driveway last week. The gas tank strap broke, and I was afraid the tank was going to fall from under the truck. I had the whole scenario pictured, which involved the car behind me. A nightmare. It wasn’t only the strap that broke. A sudden whirrrrrrr started when I started the truck, and like I said, I prayed all the way home from the store. The time before this incident, I pulled into my driveway and the brake fluid drained out. In the driveway, not in the midst of traffic. Thank you, Lord. A sign? Red sat for six weeks and my ex-husband was kind enough to come over and fix it. It’s hell being without a vehicle, and I don’t want to know what it’s like again. It got so bad that when I did go out I didn’t go any further than what AAA would tow—14 miles. So, my life at this point was in a 14 mile radius unless I went somewhere with someone else. Thankfully, I have a dear friend  who picked me up for movies and lunch, and a sister-in-law who picked me up to go see my brother in the hospital, and to see her car dealer yesterday. Which brings me to my title—Liberated.

I am liberated! I have a new car. She’s only a little thing, with some mighty big tires, but so cute! Blue Candy metallic. Doesn’t that sound delicious?  When I saw the blue one in the lot, I was drawn to it. I love red, but I looked at red for 17 years and it was time for a new start. When I went to the dealership I didn’t expect to walk out the same day with a new vehicle. I feel like I can take on the world, I have a new life. Starbucks awaits and I so missed going there to write. The Mall? Yes, I definitely missed it, and look out because I have gift cards and I know something there has my name on it. Liberated! I can go see friends who live in surrounding cities. Liberated! I can go to the library. Yes—I can go, go, go, and I  have a full tank waiting.  Anyone looking for a pick-up?