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dreamstime_xs_22328177Do you watch your local news? How about some of the reports? Do they frighten you enough to make you aware of some of the dangers lurking? Are you a woman who goes out alone most of the time? I can answer, yes, yes, yes, and yes. After watching a news report the other night, I was more concerned for a friend than myself, because this could have been her.

This first started in a parking lot. No one noticed, and even after looking at the parking lot camera, it was hard to tell a woman was being forced at gun point by two men, into her car. The men were in their late 50’s or early 60’s according to reports. This poor woman was defenseless, and a target. A target because she had a hard time walking, and according to the news anchor, weighed about 300 pounds. These men forced her to drive to her home, get all her credit cards, then go to multiple banks and get her cash. She wasn’t physically harmed, but how long will the mental scars remain?

This could have been anyone. Not necessarily a woman, not necessarily a woman having a difficult time getting around. It could have been you or me, male or female. There was another news report recently where a man was attacked in a gas station at the pump, thrown down, and his car stolen. NO ONE HELPED HIM. No one helped him when he crawled across the parking lot with a broken leg. NO one helped him when he got inside the door and sat on the floor with his broken leg. It took a few minutes before someone finally came to his rescue. The video was hard to watch. How do we keep ourselves safe in broad daylight in a parking lot full of cameras? We can’t always depend on someone coming to our rescue. People are afraid to get involved.

What would you have done? What would I have done? I’m constantly going over scenarios in my mind of how I would handle certain situations. In my mind’s eye it’s one thing, but reality? Would I be able to carry out my plan? I have to believe I would. Have you ever considered what you would do? Some people might say I’m paranoid. Some people close their eyes to the news, leaving them no idea how vulnerable they really are today. Maybe I should stop watching the news. Times are desperate. We’ve all heard desperate people do desperate things. Look around. It’s truer today than a decade ago.

According to Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners (MCRGO) There are 312960 Michigan CPL (Concealed Pistol License) holders in my state. (CCW) You have your opinion, I have mine. When it comes to defending yourself you sure as hell better think twice about whether you want to be a victim. You have to decide how you will protect yourself. I used to carry Pepper Spray and when alone in parking lots, or going home to a dark apartment, I depended on it. Times have changed.

I hear a lot of people say they won’t carry anything to be used against them. I used to feel that way, too, until I depended on Pepper Spray to keep me safe. That probably wouldn’t kill me if in the wrong hands, although I’d probably wish I were dead in the wrong hands. The KEY is not to let someone get that close. Be awdreamstime_xs_1975549are of your surroundings, listen to your instincts. You hear this all the time, but do you pay attention?

Since I live in Michigan, I am including a link from the Michigan State Police Crime Prevention with a very long list of safety tips. You can check the state police in your state, or any other organization that practices safety for women. [Anyone] Please take the time to read it in as many sittings as necessary. Keep it handy, be aware. Please, protect yourself so you’re not a victim. Every victim doesn’t get to tell their story like the lady in the parking lot I referred to above. Think, prepare, walk with confidence, and be safe. There are more, helpful Crime Prevention links, on the Michigan State Police Site.

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