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Today’s post could be considered an addendum to one I wrote in the past called “Love Without Limits—Our Fur Babies.” When I mentioned that post to my son, and told him what I’d like our furry family member to know, he came up with a twist. Instead of being able to tell her one thing in particular, what if we asked one thing?

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Sorry about the blur.

If you could get one answer from your furry family member, what would you ask?

Our gorgeous Austrian Shepherd/Chow mix has a torn ligament in her knee. My son isn’t sure he wants to put her through major surgery, and neither am I. She’s had a couple minor surgeries already, and had a hard time coping afterward. She’s close to nine years old and isn’t bothered by this most of the time.

Some evenings I will notice her limping if she’s had an active day. It doesn’t stop her from doing things. In fact, she’ll fly off the back deck after a squirrel like a puppy, giving no thought to a sore knee.

I think it’s strange how both of my boys have had torn ligaments in their knees and now our dog has the same problem. Yes, between two boys there’s been three ligament repairs and multiple torn meniscus repairs. We’re quite familiar with the recovery process after knee surgery.


I’d ask my dog why she hates the mailman so much. But if I could only ask once and get one answer, I’d have to give it some thought. My son said if he could ask one question, he’d ask if she wanted her knee fixed. Choke up time! ❤

Writing this now causes a lump in my throat to think of all the things he’d ask her, it’d be about her knee. This decision apparently bothers him more than her. At this point in her life, we do feel the surgery and recovery would be more bothersome than the problem itself. She’s healthy and happy in every other aspect of her life, so we don’t want to mess with something that doesn’t seem to cause her pain on a regular basis.

Your turn. What do you want to ask your Furry Family Member?