I found something really funny. Actually, maybe it’s funny, maybe not! I

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searched the title of my upcoming book, Howdy, Ma’am, on Google to see if it showed up.

Oh, it sure did at least once, but so did the Urban Dictionary definition of howdy, ma’am.

I’m not sure if I should laugh. Of course, it can’t hurt since my book is a sensual romance novel. My title fits the story, and fits this fine hunk of cowboy who is offended at being called a cowboy.

At least information from my Google Plus profile comes up fourth in the search list on page one. My picture and the text for my book title is there. That’s not bad. I’m sure it will end up closer to the top as more links start appearing in cyberspace, although, it will never compete with the Urban Dictionary. My cover is posted just about everywhere I am linked, like this blog, both Facebook accounts  (author page on sidebar), Twitter (on sidebar), the cover designers site, and the cover model’s site, and a blog I’m closing soon, etc.

If you want to laugh right with me, or cry, click on the Urban Dictionary link here with their definition of howdy, ma’am.

What do you think? Should I be laughing or crying? Is it just cute? A part of me thinks so because like I said,my book is sexual, I mean sensual romance. Changing the title is not an option.

The Urban Dictionary sure can be interesting.