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Playing with another Plinky Prompt today: Who’s the most famous person you’ve ever met? I do need to change this a little: Who are the most famous people you’ve ever met?

100_3533Well, my friends that would have to be the former Detroit Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman and his team. (Steve was still the captain at this event.) It was a benefit banquet for Hospice and all the players were there, including the recent, now former captain Nick Lidstrom. Nicklas has the most beautiful blue eyes I think I’ve ever seen, and a smile to knock your socks off. Actually, I gave one of my book heroes his eyes. It doesn’t stop there because I met the whole team, including the owner Mike Ilitch and his wife. They conversed with me like we were old friends, and Mike signed my jersey. Karen Newman was even there but we didn’t speak. A large crowd swarmed around her. She’s the gorgeous blonde who sings the National Anthem at their home games. If my memory proves me right the coach, Scotty Bowman, also joined the guys. 100_3525

Oh, the pictures I have are grand. Of course, like all my past photos they’re printed out and packed away somewhere. My signed jersey is all I have for proof right now until I can find and scan my pictures.

The banquet was totally awesome. At the time Darren McCarty was also one of my favorite players. His signature was the first on my jersey. What a terrific man he was that night. He and Kris Draper were playing a video game, and I think Chris Osgood (goalie) was there too. I patiently waited beside Darren. I found the nerve to ask if I could have a photo with him. He said, “Sure, when I’m finished.” I continued to wait, and wait…thinking it probably wouldn’t happen because he was really involved with the game, and after all, he was Darren McCarty, part of the “grind line”. The next thing I knew he turned to me, put his arm around my shoulder and squeezed me tight, and said, “Okay,” and smiled a big smile. Do I have to tell you how fast my heart beat? Which cloud I found my feet on?

100_3530Brendan Shanahan was there too. Yes, we’re talking about the team that won back-to-back Stanley Cups. Federov came later. Larry Murphy has the cutest smile. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a room with that many handsome gentlemen. These big burly men, who can check another player into oblivion, rip their gloves off and go one-on-one or five, can send a puck high into the stands– mingled there altogether in one room as perfect gentleman. What a handsome bunch.

It took days for me to come down from Cloud nine.

The former Captain Steve Yzerman is the friendliest, most down-to-earth man you’d ever want to meet. This banquet took place 100_3533at Game Spot at Great Lakes Crossing in Auburn Hills, MI. It was a grand-opening. I don’t think it’s there anymore. One of the games was a motorcycle ride where you actually sat on a bike in front of  a screen. You looked at a screen and had to steer to stay on the road you were riding on. You’ve probably seen this with race cars where you get in a car and try to stay on the track. Well, standing there by Steve that night made for one of my most memorable pictures. It looked like I was on the back of a motorcycle with Stevie. (That’s what we Wing’s fans call him.) Don’t think I didn’t play on that for awhile!

The whole night stands at the top of my list of best memories in my life. You won’t see some of these guys on the ice anymore, but the next time you do see a rough and tough hockey player, remember who they are when they’re out there serving their public.

Now, shall I continue on about the time I met Dale Earnhardt Jr.–Jimmy Johnson–Isaiah Thomas? A celebrity news anchor—Alan Trammel– Ernie Harwell…? There are more….

*Sigh* Memories.

If you’re a Steve Yzerman fan, I think you’ll enjoy this video tribute to his career. You know, for the memories. You’ll find another for Nicklas Lidstrom at his link above. He retired this year, 2012.

How about you? Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

The credit for this video is at this link.