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Thirteen pieces of camera equipment I own. *See the bottom of this post for details about why I’m telling you.(Camera Photo license)

My 13

1.Canon Rebel camera body (film) Hey, UPDATE! Canon EOS Rebel DSLR

2. Long lens 70-300mm DL Macro Super W/ sun shield

3. 28 -104mm Wide angle lens w/ sun shield

    NEW+Canon 18-55mm IS Macro

4. Filters (3 UV, 2 Polarizing, Orange Color Conversion 85B,

5. Dual Swivel Zoom Flash

6. Lens covers

7. Tripod

8. Teleconverter 2X

9. Sun Shield

10. Camera Bag NEW huge camera bag

11. Kodak Digital point and shoot

12. Batteries, batteries, batteries…

13. Kodak Digital Easy Share Point and Shoot with zoom

dreamstime_s_10837833Most of the time when I do something I do it for a reason. Let’s take this list of camera equipment. It all pertains to photography, which happens to be my hobby. Something I love almost as much as I love writing.

     *Since I wrote Howdy, Ma’am and Hey, Cowboy, it’s important that you know my hobby is photography because my new heroine is a photographer. She’s a former travel photographer, settling down in her own business now. I have never been a travel photographer although I have done some traveling and took a lot of pictures.

Traveling and taking pictures doesn’t make me a travel photographer. A while ago I took two photography classes at a local community college. I do know a little bit about taking pictures.

I wanted you to know that as the writer I have some experience with photography which I believe qualifies me to create a character who is a photographer. I would love to trade my film camera body in for a digital SLR because I love the lenses I already have and can’t see giving them up. (UPDATE: I now use the Canon Rebel Digital SLR with my old lenses.) I must admit these 13 items are a lot of weight to carry around. With this being one of the reasons, I’ve since been looking at smaller digital cameras. The last time I took a flight, every piece of my camera equipment was manually checked.

Getting through Detroit Metro Airport was bad enough, but getting through security at a small airport in California to come home was worse. Every piece of my camera equipment was gone over–checked and double checked. So was I! Not to mention, I was the only one on the plane to be pulled aside. Therefore, I was the last one on the plane, a small prop job going to San Francisco. A trip to remember either way. Since I got a little off topic here, I will end this now. 🙂

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