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I spent hours at this overlook photographing the bridge.

Do you have a favorite city? In my country, my favorite city is *San Francisco, California. So why should you care that my favorite city is San Fran? Here I go again, bringing up something for a reason. I do that often, you know. Remember the photographic equipment Thursday Thirteen Post? Yep, you know if you read it. Of course it was for another story. Check it out.

But, this post was supposed to be about a different novel to be published sometime in the distant future–Christmas in San Fran. <–Not the title. I say “distant future” because this book will be totally rewritten. Let’s say the whole theme will change, although the plot will remain the same, so I modified this post a little to Reblog it.

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None other than the famous Golden Gate Bridge.

Since SF is my favorite city, it’s only fitting that one of my characters has the same favorite, right? Ah, ha. Now we’re getting somewhere. The difference? I don’t have a real life hero to travel with like my character does. Another difference? This book is outside of my western genre. Right now I’m having a lot of fun writing contemporary western romance.

I’m a writer—so is my heroine in this book. She lives in the Midwest. Winters are cold, Yesterday Jan 5freezing cold in winter, with blowing snow. I could go on… Brr…. A trip to San Francisco is nice even in December as long as your flight isn’t delayed or cancelled here in the Midwest due to a snowstorm. Who am I fooling? Every flight I’ve ever had out of San Francisco has been delayed.

One of my trips took me to Napa Valley. Guess what? Yes, my character goes there! Sorry, I can’t tell you why she does. In this case, I’m writing some of what I know. My creativity and muse took over the rest. I listened to this song multiple times while writing this novel. Be inspired with a view of San Francisco. Go ahead, click Play and enjoy “Lights” by Journey.

A bit of advice here—if you’re ever walking along the sidewalk near Fisherman’s Wharf and see a green bush that looks out of place, probably near a light pole– well, it is out of place. A scary man is dressed as a bush.

He’ll jump out and scare the living daylights out of you. After everyone has a good laugh, he’ll ask you for money. Yeah, he gets money for scaring people. I’m speaking from experience. Trust me. I didn’t laugh. I’ll tell you more about that story at a later date.

coit tower

Coit Tower


Mmm, chocolate!

*The links to the city are only here for your pleasure and enjoyment in case you’d like to take a look at my favorite city. If you want to plan a trip to the City by the Bay, I suggest you do your own research for accommodations and attractions.