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An oldie but a goodie? This book and a bunch more are now published.

I wanted to post an update about my books. Howdy, Ma’am is in the second round of edits.  I posted a small snippet in the  notes section of my Author Page at Facebook. You can imagine how my excitement is starting to build as I get closer to a polished, finished product. I’ve worked on this story on and off for two years, almost to the day. I can’t wait to introduce the hero and heroine and their storyline to the world. I only hope you all love them as much as I do. Okay, that might be stretching it. I know you won’t all love them, but an author can dream. A short little blurb for Howdy, Ma’am– Come along and see what happens when classy takes a trip with rowdy.

Now, about the holiday story. This one is still with the editor as well. I’ve started reading Christmas novels. Can you believe they are already being published? I thought publishing mine around *Thanksgiving weekend was going to be an

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appropriate time frame, but it seems everyone has the jump on me.  I’m fine with this though, because I need my own time to plan for this book. Planning, promoting, and marketing for one book is bad enough, and enough to drive an author nuts. But, two? Yes, I do love a challenge. I should start leaking more information about the second book, but I’m not ready to release the cover yet, and if I leave an excerpt, it will be unedited. I’m kind of finicky about that, although, I have done it with other books. We’ll see. I will leave you with a short blurb, or logline if you will, about the holiday novel– Romance and kinky surprises for Christmas. Update: This book never made it to publication. I scratched it from my list of books to publish. Maybe one day, but that is a big maybe.

This is all the news and updates I have for now. Stay tuned. There will be more. To make sure you don’t miss any updates, I’d be happy if you clicked Follow at the top, or signed up for updates by email. I always welcome comments, too.

*Thanksgiving is at the end of November for my non U.S. friends.