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Credit line: © Margojh | Dreamstime.com

Guess what? I don’t usually yell but, GUESS WHAT? Here’s a news flash.

There’s going to be a sequel to Howdy, Ma’am. My hero, who makes my heart swoon, came to me and said, “Howdy, ma’am, you know there’s more to this story. What do you say about giving us a second book?” Oh, I can see why his heroine melts when he’s around. I had to give in to this handsome man with eyes so blue. I’m already on Chapter four. Now, I hope everyone is happy! I know I am. This puts a few other projects on the back burner, okay, further back on the back burner, but this is important. You’ll see. Come along with me as soon as you can, to see what happens when this classy chick takes a longer ride with the rowdy dude.