Earlier I said I would post this blog from last year about thirteen things I did in two days of NaNo. It’s fun to look back and take a look. If you’re new to NaNoWriMo, take a look. Don’t be surprised when you find you’ve done the same thing. Just write…

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

This is a Reblog from one of my previous NaNoWriMo years. My second day of NaNo happened to fall on a Thursday and I needed a Thursday Thirteen Meme for that day. If you’re new to NaNoWriMo, take a look, because you’ll probably find yourself doing the same thing, although I must admit, 10k words in two days might be a little rare. You have to get a jump on it when you can. Here goes–

When you’re writing 50,000 words in 30 days, forget the rules of writing. You’ll kick yourself in the rear for it when it comes to editing in December, but it’s all part of it. For the 30 days of working on your Nano novel, just WRITE.

1. Wrote a lot of Words so far using as few contractions as possible

2. Created many paragraphs 🙂

3. Shame on me for using too many adjectives

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