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It’s been a week for NaNoWriMo, and it’s time for a quick update. I’ve been on a roll with this sequel. It’s full of surprises. I have followed my outline, but those ideas brought new ideas. This is one thing I love about writing—the surprises. I’m excited about this second book. (But I can’t get my heart away from the first book, yet.) A little suspense appeared, and I have no idea where it came from, or if it will turn into anything. It follows one of the ideas in my outline, so there’s a good chance this part will remain when all is said and done, and editing and revising takes place. One thing I can honestly say—it absolutely kills me when I have to put a hero or heroine through hell. My characters are strong enough to take it.

But am I?

Each day, I write over the daily word count. Election Day was the only day I didn’t because I was engrossed in watching election happenings all evening. Most of my writing is during the day, but on Election Day I wasn’t home to write. I’ll catch up. LOL, I’m way over, what am I worried about? My advice has always been to Wrimo’s to write while you can, what you can, when you can because many times the “Oh no!” comes into play and something happens where you can’t write for a day or two.

The instant I started this novel, I knew I had a title. Now, I have mixed feelings. To see these two books side by side, yes, the title fits as part of the series, but there are parts in the book I like, and I might have to change titles. When I

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choose a title, I like to take a phrase from the book. Does it make sense? I dunno. It’s just me. There is plenty of time for this.

Now, a simple breakdown of where I am with this NaNoWriMo 2012 Novel:

  • Word Count: 19,014
  • Pages:              59
  • Chapter           15
  • Not as many strikethroughs as last year
  • I have deleted words.
  • I have written other scenes as they came to me, and stuck them at the end of the document so the words get counted. O_O exciting scenes!
  • I had to go back and fill in a brand new scene to match one of the surprises that popped up. Fun, really!
  • I have used contractions this year.

Last year I didn’t use contractions throughout part of the novel. Better to have two words counted instead of one. The editing in the end was frustrating. This year I’m trying to avoid all that. Yes, it breaks some rules. Rules I suggest to others. M’bad. Turns out my inner editor didn’t go on a long vacation.

Once again I’ll don my black leather jacket, because, yes, I’m a rebel. Again, m’bad.

The * NaNoWriMo stats page says at this pace I should be finished on November 21st. Last year I finished on November 29th and averaged 1,942 words a day. This year so far, I’m averaging 2,376 words a day. It was past 3K in the beginning, but with one day of not making the daily count, it dropped down.

Back to writing. Last night when I couldn’t get into it, I buckled down and wrote over 2K words, and had to get the count added to NaNo before midnight. I got in with two minutes to spare, and wrote twenty more words, and lost my Wi-Fi connection. Whew! At least my words were counted for yesterday. And the muse is still in a good mood. Yay!

*My stats page.

Miss Sexy Innocence *rolls eyes* comes from Glitter-Graphics.com (Don’t tell her, but I think she will be my next tattoo. I’m not sure about her wings though. Maybe she’ll lose them by then.)