I’ve avoided doing The Next Big Thing, but when Michelle Proulx tagged me with this award, I decided to go for it. Thank you, Michelle. So, here is my attempt at answering the ten questions that go with the Next Big Thing Award.


1)  What is the working title of your novel?

The title of my novel is Howdy, Ma’am. This is Book One in the Bull Riding Series

2)  Where did the idea for the novel come from?

Photography is my hobby, my heroine is a photographer. I started over; she had to start over. I went through a phase of watching bull riding at a time I needed a big distraction from life issues. I figured if bull riding could distract me, then a hunky bull rider could distract my heroine. Only she didn’t know she needed a distraction.

3)  What genre does your novel fall under?

Contemporary Romance, kind of western, with a small dose of women’s fiction.

4)  Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

*I’ve tried to picture an actor to play my character, but no one comes to mind. In my mind, I see his image, but he doesn’t fit anyone I’ve seen. Just picture him handsome, hot, and hunky.*UPDATE: I just saw a movie with Casper Van Dein. Yeah, he’ll work. Eyes, hair, smile, uh huh.

Looking at Italian actresses, I have to choose Monica Bellucci. Add a touch of green to her eyes, and we’re there. Gorgeous. Picture her at thirty-two years old, the age of my heroine.

5)  What is the one sentence synopsis of your novel?

Come along and see what happens when classy takes a trip with rowdy.

6)  Will your novel be self-published or represented by an agency?

Self-publishing all the way these days.

7)  How long did it take to write the first draft of your manuscript?

Oh, boy! I think if you can look at the Time Line right below this post it will give a good idea, and that is only Part One of the Time Line.  Basically, a year on and off. Then, another year…

8)  What other novels would you compare this book to within your genre?

I recently read Saddled by Delores Fossen. The time period is different, but basically they both have witty characters, a sexy couple, and a heartwarming story. Howdy, Ma’am has some humor and so does Saddled. They both have a strong hero wanting to protect his heroine–yet likes her fighting spirit, even though sometimes they grab their head and wonder why.

Both have a feisty heroine. There are sensual love scenes–more in mine. My story has a lot of the old style romance aspects, but in a contemporary setting. Lots of romance— Sexy. Oh, did I already say that? Howdy, Ma’am is a wild ride at times, and I don’t necessarily mean the bull riding.

9)  Who or what inspired you to write this novel?

Starting over inspired me to write this story. My heroine is starting over, too, and who better to write her story, right? That’s all I’m saying.

10)  What else about your novel might pique the reader’s interest?

Both hero and heroine have to overcome their own obstacles along the way, and the way they deal with them dictates what happens next in their lives. They both have to find strength, trust, and to believe that moving on is the key to their future. If they only give themselves a chance. Hopefully, they will have figured it out by time the season ends. And, we can’t forget there’s one sexy, downright handsome cowboy, and a beautiful Italian spitfire photographer. (Oh, and sometimes she needs a bodyguard.) Read the blurb here. Read a couple small excerpts here.

There, I did my share to introduce my Next Big Thing. Howdy, Ma’am will be published soon!

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