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So sorry it took so long to post Part Two– The Journey– the Howdy, Ma’am Time Line. I couldn’t get it out when I had planned. All the better because I can put a “real” end to it now.

Part One left off at September 2011 after I sat down to finish writing the book. Part Two covers another fifteen months. Whew! What a journey.


  • October— On October 4th I became a widow instead of a divorcee.
  • October— Somehow I kept at it. A week before NaNoWriMo 2011 began, Howdy, Ma’am was finished. I repeat, Finished! It gave me time to plot out a new story for 2011. I don’t know where the idea came from, or how I could think of creating anything new, but once again writing became my solace.
  • November — My plan was to set it aside until after Nano and that would give me a month away from it before tackling another revision and edit. NaNo came and went as did November.
  • December— I continued with the Nano 2011 novel, wanting to get to a certain point before setting it aside. This will be a great story when finished, and it falls under the women’s fiction category.

Second Year

  • 2012— Then the unexpected happened—this time positive. I got the rights back to Visions of Enchantment. I was so thrilled I started revising it rightaway, but Howdy, Ma’am pestered me from the inner sanction of my mind. It must be where my muse lives.
  • The next thing I knew, I was trying to work on both books. Lo and behold, within a couple months I acquired the rights back to Enchantment’s Embrace, Book Two. Now what? I had three huge completed books to revise. Working on two at the same time began to drive me nutty and I had to make a decision.
  • That decision was to get busy on Howdy, Ma’am and do nothing else until it was finished. So, I started down the path of editing and revising again. After the first run through I put it aside for a week. But the cowboy called me back in less than a week, and I diligently worked on that book. Don’t ask how many edits and revisions it’s been through because I don’t know, but let’s say many, and we can add a capital “M” to many. The time had come to order a different book cover.
  • By time the story was finished and took shape, I had fallen in love with the characters and the story. My heroine had become such a big part of my life that I had to have a cover with her. My original cover had only a male. On occasion I would visit Romance Novel Covers with Jimmy Thomas. Hot, hot, hot, sizzle, I mean SIZZLE! There they were as plain as day. My heroine and hero stared back at me. I swear they turned and winked.
  • 39090_416671119483_527504483_4365797_5296081_sJune— I posted on Facebook that I needed an editor. I think it was fate to find a wonderful cover designer, and then a “super awesome” editor, too.
  • Howdy, Ma’am was about as good as I could make it on my own. I know the editor I chose put her heart and soul into this book to make it shine. What a journey!
  • July— I was never satisfied with chapter one, two, and three, and told my editor I wanted to rework them. She asked if I had considered a prologue. I had, but only with a brief thought. I added a prologue.
  • August— I received the first thirteen chapters back from my editor. Finished649781q0vhzgr6l0_thumb.jpg them. In the last week of August, I received the rest of the edited manuscript back, worked on it, and sent it back for the second round of edits.
  • September— Started writing the second book in the series.
  • October— When the second round of edits came back, I fixed editor suggestions, proofread, proofread, and proofread. I cut almost a thousand words. Oh, wait, I probably wasn’t supposed to do that.
  • October 31st— Sent back the last round of edits. Last?? Oh, look! In time for another NaNoWriMo
  • November 1st— NaNoWriMo 2012—NaNo Rebel here I come! Instead of starting something brand new, I continued working on the sequel.
  • November 23rd — Trip to the ER. (Another story)
  • November 25th (I think) Reached 50 thousand words, and kept writing till the end of the month.
  • November 29th— Received the FINAL edits back from my wonderfully talented editor. Couldn’t open the document for a couple days because I didn’t feel well.

Final Month

  • December 2rd— Okay, I opened the document. Did what I had to do to finalize the changes. Still not feeling well.
  • December 5th— FINISHED! I said FINISHED the edits. Took a break and then started reading from the beginning.
  • December — Tweaked the Front and Back Matter
  • December 9th — Looked into ISBNs and Copyright information.
  • December — Talked to a formatter.
  • December 18 — COMPUTER CRASHED! Ekkk. No! Not now… Weird, but my computer worked after four BSOD. I hate that blue screen!
  • Sent the book to a formatter. Deep Breath. Okay, I need another deep breath, oh, and a couple long exhales, too.
  • December 20th — All three formats came back from the formatter. By the way, I highly recommend LK E-Book Formatting Service.
  • December 21st — Uploaded to Smashwords first. This took a long time, but it was because of the size of the book cover. Still in review for Premium as we speak. Bravery took over, and I uploaded to Amazon KDP, too!
  • YAY!
  • December 21st PUBLISHED.
  • plan a b cI have finally found my niche. Life is good again. As Velia Armano, my feisty heroine in Howdy, Ma’am would say, “La vita e bella”. (Life is beautiful.) Honest.

Now, go get a copy! image_thumb.png

As for me? I’m celebrating because I have to do it all over again with the next book. Hey, Cowboy is now Available, too.

Credit line © Inacio Pires | Dreamstime.com

Credit line © Inacio Pires | Dreamstime.com