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When you see the gorgeous heroine on the cover of my Bull Rider Series books, you probably don’t think anything about domestic abuse. Velia, my heroine, never thought she would either.

Let’s just say Justin Waters (character name) the man she was married to in the opening pages of my book, wasn’t a very nice man. He blamed it on his accident some years ago, therefore, he became addicted to a combination of drugs which made him mean and violent. Yes, my sweet heroine endured abuse at his hand. But, she got smart. Velia realized the abuse started so gradually, and before she knew it… Well, I won’t say more.

Don't take it.

Disclaimer: Character in my book. No reference to a real person.

Like in real life, abuse usually starts out gradually and before you realize what has happened, you begin to see bruises, your emotions are torn, you’re being controlled, and you feel like you can’t escape your predicament. You can though.

No one should have to endure abuse at the hand of another person. Think it through when you have a quiet moment to yourself, and find your way out. I can’t promise a hunky bull rider like Caulder McCutchen will saunter into your life and show you what it’s like to trust again, but then again, you never know… Take care of you because you deserve better.

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