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Today I’m dedicating my blog post to Julie Forward DeMay. Won’t julieyou join me in helping to spread the word about IndiesForward Day?

January 31st is IndiesForward day – a special blogging event dedicated to spreading the legacy of Julie Forward DeMay and her touching memoir, The Cell War Notebooks.

cellwarnotebooksWhat would you do when faced with a battle for your life? Author, photographer and creative spirit Julie Forward DeMay took on her fight with cervical cancer like she was playing for the new high score in her favorite video game, Asteroids. Inspiring, witty, beautiful and brutally honest, The Cell War Notebooks is a compilation of the blog Julie kept during the last seven months of her life. It’s a powerful read for anyone, whether your life has been touched by cancer or not. Check out the paperback on Amazon and keep up with the latest news on Facebook. All proceeds from book sales go to Julie’s nine year-old daughter.

The Cell War Notebooks on Amazon: http://amzn.to/W17WN4 (This is NOT an affiliate link)

The Cell War Notebooks on Facebook: http://facebook.com/cellwarnotebooks

Julie’s Original Blog: http://cellwarnotebooks.blogspot.com

Twitter Hashtags to use: #indiesforward or #cellwarnotebooks indiesforward

Duolit’s IndiesForward Page: http://selfpublishingteam.com/indiesforward

For More information, please visit the above Link or click on the indies Forward image.


Cancer has touched so many lives. My mother had breast cancer when she was in her seventies. Getting new life insurance, she had to have a physical. During that physical, the doctor suggested she have a mammogram since she had never had one in her life. I might add, she hardly ever went to the doctor, walked three miles a day, didn’t smoke, and watched what she ate. The test showed a tiny lump, and a biopsy proved it was malignant. My family’s life had changed in an instant.

My dad had colon cancer. He fought for a long time, had a lot of good years, until it moved to his liver and lungs. My brother and I took care of him in his last days, and I laid my head on his chest and heard his last heartbeat. My husband had blood cancer via a disease called Polycythemia Vera. In her eighties, my grandmother had cervical cancer. So, you see, cancer has touched my life in many ways.

Some of you reading this blog post today have probably been touched with cancer in some way, too. It scares me to have so many different forms in my family.

So for today, I’m giving my thoughts to Julie and her family. Please visit the links.