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Update on the Second Book in the Bull Rider Series

couple_thumb.jpgWell, as it is right now book two sits at 103,445 words. Don’t get excited. That will change. I think it’s funny because I wanted this book to be around 60,000 to 80,000 words. It still could be…but not too likely. There are a lot of revisions to make. UPDATE: 3/16 You don’t even want to know how long this book is now. Two books in one–a bundle. Yes, you will get two books in one. You will not be sorry. (My editor is going to shoot me.)

Do you have a length preference in the books you read?

I have to call it “this” book— because I don’t have a title. Sure, I have a lot of ideas, and some of those 103K words are title suggestions I added to the top of QuestionMark2my document so I can look at them when I open it. Twenty-one potential titles if you really must know. I have lots of ideas, but nothing speaks to me. Well, maybe two say something, but I’m not sure. (Not the ones included here.)

I went as far as looking at background photos for a cover to go with one title I like. I must say this kind of bothers me because I usually have a title right away. To be honest, I did have a title when I began this, but it’s debatable now. One of my friends gave me a suggestion. What do you think?

The Cowboy’s Ma’am

Cowboy’s Ma’am

She said it will be perfect beside Howdy, Ma’am.

“This” book is broken up into two parts. I’m considering three parts. I always wanted to do that. I think it goes back to my young days of reading romance novels. I’m surprised I don’t write bodice-rippers. There’s still time. Big Grin! Something from those old days of reading romance novels, slipped into Howdy, Ma’am  Book #1 and my editor would have slapped my hands if she could reach me. Joelle you know what I’m talking about. Don’t tell on me!

Thisimage.png book excites me—makes me laugh—it makes me cry. Yes, I’ve been through many emotions writing this one. I <–think I need a lot of what this picture is. Also, wait till you meet the new characters I brought in.

I’m writing as fast as I can—well, I have been distracted lately. I even thought I image.pngcould do a “quick” book for Valentine’s Day. It reached just over 3000 words, but book two called me back. I’ll finish itimage.png one day.

At this moment, I have three images set aside for the basic cover image, and I know my cover designer Dawné Dominique will do magic with whichever I choose. One is similar to Howdy, Ma’am. The second is on the sensual side. Number three idea melts my heart. See, another dilemma. Have no fear Jimmy Thomas will still adorn the cover of book two with the same female model. My Velia and Caulder.

But you know what? I love my job because I know one day in the near future, book two will have a title, a cover, and will be available for readers to enjoy.

Real Quick

It won’t be long before Howdy, Ma’am Book #1 is available in <–paperback.

You’ve heard me mention my heroine’s name–Velia. Have you ever wondered where that name came from? I’ll explain in a future post.

Look for a post about Valentine’s Day in the next day or two. It’s for singles. Why? I’m single, and so are some of you. Why not? paper-and-pen

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