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I have to announce the first three items here, then get on with a quick update.

First: I knew I got a great review from Liberty Ann Ireland who reviewed Howreviewertoppick2dy, Ma’am for Night Owl Reviews, but today I found out that Night Owl Reviews gave Howdy, Ma’am the Night Owl Reviews Top Pick Award. Yes, I’m so pumped! Read it yourself at Night Owl Reviews, or on the Amazon Book Page. The big book cover photo in the sidebar will take you to the book page.

Second: Amazon dropped the price on my paperback.

UPDATE: Barnes and Noble dropped the price on my paperback, too!

Paperback? Did you know my book is available in paperback? It is now! I’m not sure if Barnes and Noble will follow with a sale price, but I do know Howdy, Ma’am in paperback is on sale, and only Amazon knows how long that will be.


Third: I’ve reduced the price of the  eBook.


  • I’m revising a book I wanted to get out last Christmas. Maybe it will make it this Christmas.
  • Visions of Enchantment is also in revisions, and I’m working on it as time permits, or when I need a break from the other books.
  • Also, I have a quick update about the second book in the Bull Rider Series. I have a title, or at least I’m 99% percent sure. Part of my brain says 100%, but a teeny-tiny part whispers, well…think it over a bit more. 🙂

Book two is in revisions, and I bet I’ve revised it three full times already since writing the end. Why revise it when I’m sending to an editor? I guess that’s just what I do.

All of a sudden the other night, an idea hit me upside the head, something that will take less than a short paragraph to add. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that before. It’s as plain as day now. Someone has to… Sorry, I can’t tell you.

I can’t wait till I can actually write a title instead of book two, book two, book two… and I know that muse is inside of me, poking with a hot ember, trying to get me to blurt it out. I’m driving myself crazier by not saying.

Maybe I’ll give the title in a cover reveal. Oh, wait, that’s a problem, too. I don’t have a cover, yet. I’ve narrowed it down to two images instead of three.

My book will have two photos. One is the main cover, but inside, at Part Two, there will be another cover. Make sense? I’ve always said this book is like getting two books under one title. My dilemma? Which of my two image choices will be the front cover.

This is where I stand right now.

Thanks for your time. Have a great week.

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