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No, the title isn’t about me although I am short and sweet. ♥

You can find a new excerpt on my WEBSITE taken from Chapter One for—here I go again calling it—book two. Jeez, I need to do something about updating two different sites. Plus, I need to stop calling this book, well, look at what I call this book. You know…

Guess what?

Soon I won’t have to give it a generic name because I have a title. You know how I know it has a title? Well, it’s because I sent everything for my book cover to my cover designer—almost everything. This, of course, includes a title. You all know how I struggled with this issue.

When taking a test, advice is usually to go with your first choice if you’re stumped. I sat through enough *M.E.A.P. testing in my career in education, and I’ve heard this manyQuestionMark2 times. (You know that state test that kids have to take.) Once again, I digress, but for a reason →

First choice? First choice.

Some of you might recall an earlier post where I gave a number of potential book titles I had at the top of my manuscript. When I knew I’d write a sequel to Howdy, Ma’am, I had a title. Then, I came up with other ideas. And even more ideas, still one more. Friend’s ideas… I’m not giving it away here so don’t get excited. But, it seems I have reverted back to my original title—my first choice. Weird how that happens, huh?

One more thing—

In an earlier post I mentioned there’d be two book covers—one for the front and one where PART TWO begins. Not anymore. One cover only, and yes, this is my final answer. One day in the near future I shall be doing a cover reveal. Anyone who wants to help—thanks.

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This didn’t turn out so short and sweet after all. o_0

*Michigan Educational Assessment Program