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Book #1 (Bull Rider Series)

Book #1
(Bull Rider Series)

Oh, the dance. There’s something romantic and sexy about slow dancing. Holding someone close, inhaling their fragrance…bodies close. Today I chose seven paragraphs from my current release, Howdy, Ma’am Bk #1. Velia and Caulder have only known each other for a short time, but he understands the hell she’s been through. The attraction between them both is getting harder to deny. A sudden memory leaves her apprehensive…but a real hero comes to her rescue. I played the song, “One Day my Prince will Come”, over and over while writing this scene.

“It’s hard to dance to this music. Not exactly what I’m used to,” she whispered, standing close enough to smell his cologne.

Caulder spoke low. “Shh, close your eyes and follow my lead.”

She succumbed to his embrace, resting her head against his chest, standing straighter to be nearer his shoulder. His scent enticed her closer, the same sultry fragrance he wore when they met. She closed her eyes and let him take her away in dance. She wanted to remain in this position, enjoyed being held. Could the others be right? She caught sight of her bare ring finger then straightened and moved her head from his shoulder. Although it was a good thing, and she wasn’t second-guessing anything, she still felt overwhelmed with the loss of a relationship. Albeit she had no love left for Justin, she mourned something. She couldn’t tell exactly what, but a feeling of loss lingered.

“Everything okay?” Caulder held her tight around the waist and whispered close to her ear.

“A sudden memory is all.” Velia leaned against him once again.

“Have no fear tonight. Let me help you escape for a time.” He lowered his voice to a near whisper. “No ties, no bounds—one warm body to hold you on the dance floor is all. Enjoy it until it’s over.” Caulder squeezed her hand a little tighter and pulled her closer against him. “Let yourself go for now. Give yourself a sense of peace, even for a short time. I promise that’s all—let me show you some comfort…for tonight.”

Velia relaxed when they played the next song— She let him hold and guide her in dance. He was right. No bindings, no ties, just a warm body to hold. She closed her eyes and held him tighter while they swayed to the music.

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