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VisionsofEnchantment_SM.jpgGoodness! I had to dust off the cobwebs on this one. Today’s sexy seven comes from Visions of Enchantment a time-travel romance, book one in the Enchantment Series. The rights to this book have reverted back to me and I’ll be reissuing it sometime in the future. I keep getting distracted with writing about cowboys and their heroines.  I had planned on reissuing this earlier and had a cover made. This is the new one that will go up when I do get it published again.

This excerpt is part of a dream Eryn has as she tries to put together the missing pieces of her life. Uriah…came through the confines of time to wait for her, and wait a little longer he must…until Eryn can remember him and their love. This dream gets her to thinking that maybe what he’s been telling her is true after all. I give you seven sentences. Wish it could have been more.


The sun settled— glistening golden on the creek water. Uriah’s eyes were ablaze with lust when he straddled her thighs, laying her down beneath him. He tenderly placed sweet kisses against her cheek.

Eryn gave an innocent smile and reached for him when  he peered into  her eyes—licking his lips in anticipation of what was to come. Pulling him closer, she arched her hips against him, yearning for a part of him she didn’t yet know. She pressed her lips softly against his while his fingers explored and caressed her womanly body. The sun dipped below the horizon, and in the velvet-purple twilight—a young lass became a woman and a lad became a man.


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