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Is it Saturday Already?

I have another tidbit for #MySexySaturday! From my current release, Howdy, Ma’am 

Caulder’s heart had been devastated for the last two years…until he met her. Two years is a long time for a man to be alone… I chose this song to go along with this excerpt because it explains my hero. It also plays a role in the next book. So, when he’s standing at the door and his hot photographer says, “Hey, Cowboy?”, he’s going to listen.

My feisty little Italian has it bad, too. In fact, her heart has…well, fallen hard for the cowboy.

I give you seven paragraphs.

(Sensual contemporary western romance/women’s fiction.)

When Caulder came out to practice, wearing Wranglers and a shirt with the sleeves cut out, and pumped muscles filling her viewfinder, she almost choked on her own lust. “Focus, dammit!” He strutted around the arena like he owned each grain of sand. He went to every bull and talked to them. When he kneeled and came nose to nose with one big, ugly critter, she had it in her sights. She videotaped him around the horses, patting them on the back, and sliding his hand down their flanks. Like he slid his hand down my flank. “Focus, Velia.” She got him on video when he wandered to the other side of the arena. Yes, she got one fine part of him strolling away from her—his tight and toned, nice-looking, feel good arse. She stomped. “Why, dammit, why?” She let her camera dangle from the neck strap when she watched him walk into the stable.

And she followed.

She caught him inside the doorway. “Hey, cowboy?”

When he turned toward her, he took a slow glance over her body, and she was aware of the longing in his eyes. She hurried to him and slid her arms around his neck. Her hungry lips found his, and she became captured in his arms. His lips answered her wanton need. She ran her fingers over his huge biceps then dug her nails into his back with anticipation when he walked her backwards toward the horse stall. He closed the half door and released her to the clean, fresh straw. They went to their knees, immediately embracing, staring into each other’s eyes as if a silent message rose between them, and they lay down in the straw.

Caulder moved atop her, caressing her body with tender strokes. Straw picked through her thin shirt, but she didn’t care. She found his lips again, kissing with a vengeance, a need, a sexy want. She needed him! Wanted him. Darting her tongue between his lips, she loved when he suckled it like he would a candy sucker. He slid his hand under her and caressed her rear as she arched her hips, drawing him close by hooking her leg over his. The animalistic need she tried to hold back released itself and snared its prey.

He unhooked the snap on her jeans and slid his hand lower, fingering his way past her silk panties. When he ran his fingers over her, she whispered against his lips. ‘Take me, Caulder, take me, per favore.”

Velia shook as she slid down his zipper and submerged her hand inside his jeans…


Oh, no! Is that seven paragraphs? We’re done?

Howdy, Ma’am is on sale at Amazon (Kindle) and Smashwords. Hey, Cowboy, Bk #2 will be out in 2013.

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