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boots and wreath 2UPDATE: This book did not turn into a novella or a holiday story. It is most definitely a full-length novel. This is the first book in the Double Dutch Ranch Series, and I haven’t stopped since. See Cowboy Boss and his Destiny links for more. I knew it was hard for me to write a shorter story, but, on the other hand, since Cowboy Boss, I have written a short novel to go with Cowboy Boss. Tristan’s Destiny, Bonus Book, #1.5 follows and is available. All my books are in the sidebar or links at the top.

AvailableMy cover designer did an awesome job with the cover as usual. I searched through pages and pages to find a cowboy who hasn’t been used on a cover yet. If he has, I haven’t seen him. With so many western novels out there, this feat is not easy.

The video below? I hope you guys don’t get bored with videos in my posts. The little girl in my book begs her daddy to buy her “Alan” music. This song is on this book’s playlist.


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