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From the My Sexy Saturday Website: Sexy can happen anywhere: a hot tub, an elevator, your wedding night or even in the middle of the woods. Sexy can be that slow smile given across the room, reminding a lover who they belong to at that moment. Sexy can be the first time or the hundredth time…it all depends upon your perspective.

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My Set-up

Picture this: Catalina Foothills, Arizona. A mansion owned by a professional bull rider with four World Championship titles. My bull rider is visiting here on a short break. One of the guest bedrooms evokes a feeling of peacefulness, made sensual with the soft blue and green hues used in the decorations.  A yellow moon can be seen out the bedroom window. Enter Velia Armano with an unexpected invitation to spend the night. The wine they shared out by the fire earlier tasted delicious, and she may have overindulged a bit. Oh, goodness, she has nothing to wear to bed. Of course, being a gentleman cowboy, Caulder brings her a shirt…

From Howdy, Ma’am, Book One in the Bull Rider Series 

My Seven Paragraphs. Oops, M’bad. Today I have eight.

She laughed so hard her elbows slipped off her knees and she almost fell off the bed. “I asked if you wore it before.”

“Oh!” He chuckled, and the more she giggled, the happier he got. “I grabbed it off my doorknob. Why, do you want a different one? I wouldn’t mind hanging around to see what it looks like on you.”

“Shame on you!” She gave another silly laugh. “No, I kind of wanted to smell the cologne you had on. It smells enchanting, you know.”

“Is that right?” He slowly unbuttoned the first two buttons to his shirt.

He heard Velia suck in a breath. He watched her, watching him unbutton his shirt, and her expression didn’t hide how much she savored each fleck of his exposed skin.

He ambled to the bed, clutched her shoulders, and then lowered his hands to her arms and pulled her up against him. Standing on the bed stool, she was almost at eye level. He cupped the back of her head and brought her face against his chest.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and took a deep breath.

He held her closer and nuzzled his face into her hair, brushing it away from his face so he could rest his cheek against her head. He clenched her soft tresses between his fingers, moaning low against her ear. “This feels terrific.” He took a deep breath. It had been so long since he held someone, felt warmth from a woman’s skin. Another breath and he knew if he didn’t pull away he might go against his word. A gentleman yes, but he was also a man, and his yearning body responded, but for the first time in years, his soul wanted to feel love.



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I did a Cover Reveal this week for Hey, Cowboy, Book Two in the Bull Rider Series. You can see it here if you’d like. Coming later 2013. This baby is in the hands of the editor!