I’m busy trying to finish a novel so I hope you don’t mind another Reblog of one of my earlier posts.

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

The other day I had an enjoyable lunch with six friends.  It was to celebrate a retirement.  Before we knew it three hours had passed.  We sat on the deck at a beautiful golf course in the sunshine with a wonderful breeze.   Both ends of the table had different conversations going on, and it was hard to listen to everything, but fun to hear a little of this and a little of that.  Finally, the retiree began talking about some very special moments she had during her years of working.  They were all pleasant stories, and it was easy to see the pleasure she got from her memories.

After telling one particular story, she asked us a question. “If you could live your favorite day all over again, what would it be?”  It made me stop and think about that question.  At first, I couldn’t answer, for there were many…

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