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From My Sexy Saturday Blog: “The sound of a lover’s voice be it deep and sexy or soft and delicate can be such a turn on with each word they say. Their fingertips along your cheek can be just the touch you need. But sometimes, you will miss your lover and their sexy ways…” Follow THIS LINK for detailed information, and to find more sweet to sexy reads. Everyone is invited. There’s something for everyone.


For my contribution today, I’m returning to Hey, Cowboy, Book Two in the Bull Rider Series, but today I’m bringing you seven words. I prefer not to give a set-up for this scene, but you might want to think “The Music of the Night” — and maybe a desert. What does an opera have to do with a dramatic western romance? Ah, yes, it all started when Italian class met bull rider rowdy. Their differences are what make this relationship so special.

Feel free to use your imagination. Seven words…


“Baby, you need…to…stop,” he whispered.



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READING ORDER for the Bull Rider Series

Howdy, Ma’am

Hey, Cowboy