Since I’m busy trying to finish a book, I’m reblogging another of my older blog post. This one goes back a few years. Some of my wishes may have changed, but that’s for another post. Enjoy.

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

Have you ever made a wish?  I bet everyone has one time or another.  Birthdays are the first thing that come to mind.  Even if we don’t want to, our friends practically beg us to make a wish as we blow out our candles.  Think about this for a moment.  Do you expect the wish to come true?  I do it for fun and to please everyone else.

Well, let this take a different turn.  What if  those wishes could come true?  Let’s imagine for a minute or two, that we have three wishes.  These three wishes are just for us and our own personal gain, pleasure, or whim.   Of course, we all wish for world peace and for the hungry to be full.

What would you wish for if you knew your three wishes were guaranteed to come true and at no out-of-pocket costs?   Before I started writing this…

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