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LynnSexySaturday_button#MSSWeek15 Today I give seven sentences from Howdy, Ma’am, Book One

Welcome to the 15h week of My Sexy Saturday.
Seven Paragraphs, sentences, or words. Find your sexy…

At My Sexy Saturday we understand everyone has their own idea of sexy and readers everywhere love to read what we write. As a writer, we want to show our readers that sexy is important in all its forms. (Taken from the My Sexy Saturday Blog)

I’m giving you seven sentences from my current release HOWDY, MA’AM, Book One in the Bull Rider Series. <Book Two coming later in 2013.>

He hired her to travel with him for a season. They both have obstacles to overcome along the way. Staying out of each others arms is only one of them.  Come along and see what happens when classy takes a trip with rowdy.

Set-up: A business lunch, a couple bottles of wine, heated kisses with thoughts of more, but in the end, they returned to separate rooms to think about what could have been…

Caulder dropped to the chaise and sat back, surrounded by the black night, twinkling stars, and a bittersweet moon. It was Velia who came to his mind. Velia with a warm body and lips as soft as butter, with breasts so exquisite he longed to squeeze and lick until she trusted him as a man. But she surely wasn’t interested in another relationship, even though he felt her guard drop when she was in his arms. Somehow he’d work through this. Somehow he’d forget the scent of her beguiling perfume.

Howdy, Ma’am

Hey, Cowboy

Christmas at Love house, A Bittersweet Interlude

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