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From the My Sexy Saturday Blog:

Sexy can be that slow smile given across the room, reminding a lover of their connection. Sexy can be the first time or the hundredth time…it all depends upon your perspective. Seven paragraphs or seven sentences or seven words.

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This week I’m giving a sweet thought–seven sentences from one of my current works in progress. I can say I typed THE END to this full length novel on Friday the 13th. In revisions as we speak.


She needed to be held and comforted. He was there for her.

She outlined her lips with her tongue, remembering his taste, fantastic smell, the scratch of his scruff against her tender skin. Her insides trembled and neglected places yearned. Taking a big breath, she closed her eyes and exhaled. She wanted him in a way she hadn’t wanted a man in a long time. He caused her heart to flip flop with nothing more than a quirk to his lips. What a smile he had. Those dimples made it extraordinary for sure. 


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