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#MSSWeek19 #WesternRomance Hey, Cowboy, Bk 2 (Bull Rider Series) Excerpt. #MySexySaturday #BYNR @Maryjdressel

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Hey, Cowboy, Book 2 Coming late 2013

Set-up: Velia and Caulder’s first day back in Tucson after a grueling season comes to an end. And, it’s time for breakfast.

Sensual Contemporary Western Romance

The tie on her robe loosened, allowing almost a full view of one ample breast. Long locks of chocolate hair fell from behind her ear, tumbling over her shoulder to one side, and she cocked her head to keep it from her eyes. Sexy as hell.

Groans became audible. He didn’t imagine the sensual look on her face when her gaze raked over his bare chest. No, he saw when she licked her lips. Damn, an erection pressed tight against his zipper and didn’t feel good at all, wanting to spring to life on its own volition.

“Breakfast will soon be ready,” she said, gulping.

The slight curve to her lips sprouted even though she tried to hide it. “Your feelings are visible to me, Velia.” He stood. “I know what you want, and I want the same thing.”

She set the spatula on a plate beside the skillet. “We have to do something about this in the future.” She pointed at him. “You sitting there with those…those muscles all pumped up without even trying? Yes, you have to do something about those things.”

“And you…you cooking in a short robe.” He nodded toward her chest and waggled his finger. “Yeah, make sure to wear something under it, like maybe a t-shirt. Baggy sweatpants won’t hurt either. Hell, then you won’t even need the robe.” He took two steps and stopped, watching as she tried to pull her robe lower on her legs and draw it together at the same time. He grinned at the failure. Instead, he stepped close enough to loosen her belt more than it already was. He groaned out a pleasant sigh when it fell open all the way, exposing both full breasts to his gaze and sassy, boy-cut, blue panties. Caulder cut the flame on the burner.

Velia meant to back away but he clutched her shoulders and walked into the table. He waved his finger back and forth in front of her face. “You can’t dress like that in the morning and not expect to be…” He gazed into her eyes and smiled, caressed her breasts, and followed with his lips to one plump mound, nipples already beaded and hard—knowing when she sucked in her breath and dropped her head back, he had won. He nipped a trail of kisses to the beating pulse in her throat. “You know…what I mean, ma’am.”

Bull Rider Series Books

Book #1 (Bull Rider Series)

Coming 2013

Coming 2013

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