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Waving! Hello out there. Remember me? Where have I been? Drowning in book writing and editing. You writers know what I mean. Not to mention a total blog-block. Try saying that fast. Let’s change it to blog-writing block.

So, if I’m so busy writing, how come you don’t see anything new published?

You had to ask?

  • What’s going on with the Bull Rider Series: Still waiting on more edits on Hey, Cowboy. The first twenty chapters have been edited, fixed, and returned to the editor. Still hoping for a release this year.

FYI: I had an early review on Hey, Cowboy. A fabulous review I must say. I’d rather wait and have her post the review when the book comes out before saying more.

While I’m on the subject of the Bull Rider Series, I can say I’m considering rearranging the entire beginning of Howdy, Ma’am. More on that later.

  • Cowboy Boss and his Destiny. This is book one in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: (Love at First Sight.) It’s been through the first round of edits and my new editor sent the complete manuscript back to me, and I’m working on that. I’m also expecting this to be released this year. Expect a cover reveal for Cowboy Boss and his Destiny real soon. I want you all to meet Tristan and Nora. (I hope you love Tristan’s little girl, too.)

If you happened to see that blunder blog with the cover reveal about a month or more ago, forget you ever saw that, okay. It was a mistake and I hit publish instead of preview. Boggled brain at the time. I need a break. I have a draft ready for the cover reveal, but I’m waiting for the right time.

A short poll on Facebook told me most people like to see a cover reveal no more than a month out, some said two months, no more. A few said it didn’t matter. Some said less than a month. (I blew this whole idea by doing a cover reveal for Hey, Cowboy too soon. I expected it to be published by now though, or close.)

Your opinion?

  • Yes, I’ve also skipped My Sexy Saturday for two weeks. This week I totally forgot about it. File this under needing a break.
  • NaNoWriMo: I am going to fit this in somewhere…when I can. This is my fourth year and I have to challenge myself. My edits come first of course. The novel for this year will be the second book in the Double Dutch Ranch Series: (Love at First Sight).

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One of these days I’ll be making an announcement for a new release.