Whoo hoo, I’m doing another Reblog of my own blog post. This is okay, right? NaNoWriMo is keeping me busy, or I’m keeping it busy, not sure yet. Also, I’m overly excited because I know a book will be returning from my editor soon. (My brain is wrapped up in writing the second book in the series= My 2013 NaNo novel.)

A few of you are still around from when I did write this in 2011. Thanks for hanging on! I thought maybe it was a good time to re-post Inspiration From Long Ago. We all need inspiration now and then.

Author Mary J. McCoy-Dressel

I will never forget my seventh grade Language Arts teacher, Mr. Somers. We had to write a paper, as we usually do in Language Arts. Maybe that’s why it was my favorite class. Let’s see—seventh grade, I was probably thirteen. I remember this writing. When I received the assignment back, it had red ink on it, but the red ink said, “Great imagination. You should be a writer!” I remember smiling. Mr. Somers liked my story.

Anyway, I remember writing the surprise ending. He liked it! I never looked at him the same anymore. No longer was he a stern teacher who demanded we work our fingers to the bone. No longer was he the tormenter who made us read those crazy books that were written by people who were born before my parents. Now, I looked at him as my mentor, and each paper I wrote was written for…

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