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That Sexy Thing ~ @MySexySaturday #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek29 #Saturday7

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‘That Sexy Thing’ is the topic for this week’s My Sexy Saturday.

Coming Early 2014

My cowboy will say ‘That Sexy Thang’. But not tonight. He’s too infatuated with Velia’s sexy as he comes in after a night out with the guys after a show, and finds her sleeping. Tonight the bull rider sets aside his rowdy. Oh, yes, my bull rider has many talents. Hero and heroine from the Bull Rider Series, Hey, Cowboy, Bk# 2.


Quiet didn’t come easy for Caulder, but he came in trying not to make any noise. He sat at the table and removed his boots and socks then pulled his shirttail out of his jeans. The TV sounded from the bedroom.

He padded to the door. Velia slept with the remote still in her hand, hair spread out on the pillow, sleeping in peace. He saw enough to know she wore her black gown, the one that emphasized her voluptuous breasts. The glow of the TV shed the bluish light across the room. My angel.

He stepped back into the living area and removed his jeans and shirt, laying them over the chair. Scrubbing his hands over his face, he had postponed shaving earlier. Running his hand over his chin again he decided it wasn’t too bad after all. I’ll be careful where I put it. I’m bad sometimes, he thought chuckling.

Turning off the lamp he went to the bedroom, pulled the sheet back and ran his gaze over her body draped in black silk. Crawling in bed he watched as her eyelashes fluttered and the green in her eyes sparkled as they opened. She reached for him, cupping the back of his head, and she laced her fingers though his hair as his lips found hers.

When her lips parted, he observed her sensual mouth, perfect shaped jawline, and slim neck. Caulder peered down upon her—a pinnacle of beauty. The tender expression on her face said amore.

His heart melted into a ball of moldable wax, and he leaned down again and touched his lips against her neck while easing his hand to cup a perfect breast. Caulder spoke low, “Ti amo, bellissima,” then stretched out beside her, never leaving her embrace. Buona  notte, amore mio.

“Mmm, I love when you speak in my language,” she whispered half asleep. “Goodnight.”


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